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Basketball Supervisor

  • 11/5/2018


    Reporting Disqualifications

    All diqualifications MUST be reported to Supervisor of Officials, Gary Jenness on the day/evening of the game the disqualification occurs.

    To Contact Supervisor Jenness...

    Cell Phone: (603) 381-2773  (for calls and/or text)

    Home Phone: (603) 788-2472



    ALL Officials on the crew MUST Report

    The Following Information

    1. Name of Player/Coach/Bench Personnel

    2. Number of the Player/Team Member

    3. School of the disqualified individual

    4. Opponent

    5. Reason for disqualification, rule violation and description

    6. Name of the official and partner(s) ruling the disqualification

  • 11/4/2018

    Officials Observations & Evaluations

    The Board 32 Executive Committee has approved the initial definition and process for Official's Observations & Evaluations.

    The Evaluation Form is in the form of a Rubric, a popular measurement tool used in Education.  This Evaluation Form (Rubric) will be completed by the Supervisor of Officials from the information provided in one or more observations. Official's Observations will be coordinated by the District Board Supervisor Representatives and appointed Observers.

    Click on the image or name of the form below to view/download/print


    Board 32 Evaluation Form


    Board 32 Self Assessment Form

  • 12/16/2017




             2017/2018                                   2017/2018 Basketball

             Handbook                                   Policy & Procedures


    Unified Basketball

    Player Development and Recreational Divisions

    (Click HERE for Difference Comparison)



                Article XXXV              UNIFIED SPORTS       UNIFIED SPORTS             Unified Sports                 Recreational           Player Developement




          Sports Officiating                             NHIAA PROPOSED

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