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Basketball Rules Interpreter

  • 11/2/2019


    Board 32 Online Rules Test

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  • 6/20/2019

    Basketball Rules Changes  2019 - 2020

    2019 - 20 NFHS Rules Changes

    2019 - 20 Comments on Rules

    2019 - 20 Points of Emphasis

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  • 10/22/2018

    2019 High School Rules Interpretations


    Sunday, Septernber 29, 2019 8:00am

    Training and Rules Interpretation

    Merrimack Valley High School


    Wednesday, October 16, 2019, 7:00pm

    Pinkerton Academy, Academy Bldg. Lecture Hall


    Thursday, October 17, 2019, 6:30am

    Portsmouth High School


    Thursday, October 24, 2019, 6:30pm

    Bow High School


    Sunday, October 27, 2019, 9:30pm

    Littleton High School


    Sunday, November 3, 2019, 9:00am

    Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center


  • 6/22/2018

    Basketball Rules Changes - 2018-19


    2018-19 NFHS Rules Changes

    2018-19 Comments on the Rules

    2018-19 Points of Emphasis

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  • 6/22/2018


    ·       Coaches box is first seat near table and 14ft towards end line

    ·       Undershirts MUST be same color as game Jersey

    ·       Headbands (Nike) NO TAILS OR KNOTS. Make them take it off.

    ·       Hand checking (Hot stove) one hand on than other hand foul.

    ·       Two hands on foul.

    ·       Assistant coach can NOT stand during a live ball.


    These are all things that we went over in the interpretations. We MUST enforce these issues in ALL of our games STATE WIDE!!!  If we can’t enforce these rules how are enforcing the other rules. If anyone has any questions feel free to email me and we can talk about it.  The NHIAA said the wanted to keep the 14ft coaching box so WE NEED TO KEEP THEM IN IT.


    Bob Benjamin, State Board 32 Interpreter

    Concussion Statement:

    The NHIAA mandates the following of the NFHS guidelines for management of Concussions.

    Concussions: Any athlete who exhibits signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion (such as loss of consciousness, headache, dizziness, confusion, or balance problems) shall be immediately removed from the contest and shall not return to play until cleared by an appropriate health care professional.

    Please visit; “What’s New” to view the NFHS Guidelines for Management of Concussions and the New Hampshire SB402 and its language as written.

    For current NHIAA Concussion Information use click HERE.

    Remember, DO NOT say we think they may have a concussion.  


    Sect. 1: Medical Coverage at Athletic Events

    The importance of the long-range safety of high school athletes cannot be overstated. Consequently, the NHIAA and its member schools will favor medical safety over any other countervailing concerns including competitive advantage. Every high school in New Hampshire must make provisions for licensed medical personnel at all practices and contests. The types of provisions that are acceptable are (the provisions are in alphabetical order, not preferential order):

    1. Athletic Trainer

    2. Board Certified Sports Physical Therapist

    3. Emergency Medical Technician

    4. Nurse

    5. Nurse Practitioner

    6. Physician

    7. Physician Assistant

    8. Systems developed to call medical personnel to the site of the athletic event

    At the athletic competitions where medical coverage is either provided or mandated by the NHIAA, injuries sustained by athletes will be evaluated by the designated medical personnel. The clearance to re-enter competition after an injury will be made by the designated medical personnel only. Absent unanimous agreement between the designated medical personnel to allow continued participation, an injured player will not be allowed to return to the game. Their decision is final and cannot be overturned by the coach, coaching staff, parents/guardians, or any non-designated personnel.

    2017/2018 Rules Changes Announcement


    Click below to view/print proper procedure...


    Official Warning for Misconduct Given to Coaches in Basketball


    Rules Changes

    Rules 4-48-1 and 4-48-2 will both have a note stating that a warning is not required prior to calling a technical foul.

    “Stopping play and making sure that the bench and the coach know that an official warning has been given sends a clear message to everyone in the gym and impacts the behavior of the coach, and in some cases the behavior of the opposing coach,” said Theresia Wynns, NFHS director of sports and officials and liaison to the NFHS Basketball Rules Committee. “This change in behavior creates a better atmosphere and, many times, avoids the need to administer a technical foul.”

    In other changes, the rules committee approved enlarging the coaching box from 14 feet to 28 feet. The coaching box now shall be bounded by a line drawn 28 feet from the end line toward the division line. A line drawn from the sideline toward the team bench becomes the end of the coaching box toward the end line. State associations may alter the length and placement of the 28-foot coaching box.


    Read Full Press Release


    Concussion head gear NO NOTE NEEDED! 

    Reminder Mercy Rule All Divisions:

    Running time will go in effect when a lead of 35 points in the 4th quarter, and stop only for free throws and time-outs.


    Pre-game dunking:   Penalized by a direct technical foul charged to the

    offending player and an indirect technical foul charged to the head

    coach of the offending team, does not constitute a warning to the

    head coach but the head coach does lose his or her coaching box

    privilege for the entire game.  This means that you may still give a warning for bench/coach misconduct.


    Examples of illegal contact above the shoulders and

    associated penalties:

    Contact with a stationary elbow of an opponent may be

    incidental contact or a common foul.

    An elbow in movement but not excessive should be

    ruled an intentional foul if contact with an opponent


    A moving elbow that is excessive can be either an intentionalfoul or flagrant personal foul if contact with an opponent occurs.  This came out in the sportorial that the NFHS is now going with.

  • 5/2/2017

    Submit rules questions for interpretation privatly to

    State Rules Interpreter Bob Benjamin

    Click the mailto: link below to submit by email.


    Frequently asked Questions and Interpretations

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